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On July 1st, 2018, Nancy Condit was hit and killed by a reckless driver while riding her bicycle through the streets of south Denver.


Nancy had a unique and spontaneous approach to painting watercolor. Inspired by her belief that ”nature is art, she composed her pieces with vibrant colors and playful touches of blended watercolor, crayon, collage, and negative painting. Using leaf shapes, trees, mountains, moons, butterflies, birds, and other animals, Nancy created whimsical abstractions as she interpreted the world around her. A collector of Nancy’s art once wrote: “With her paintings, Nancy wanted to invite viewers to sing and dance through the magical landscapes of her imagination. One of her greatest pleasures was seeing and hearing how each person reacts to her paintings in a deeply personal way.”


Nancy, and her father, William Condit, who was a nationally known professional watercolorist as well as her greatest inspiration, established the Sand Dollar Studio-Gallery, on old South Pearl St. in the Platte Park neighborhood. The gallery made its mark on the Denver art scene and became a favorite stop for locals and visitors passing through. Nancy’s infectious spirit was a delight for those who knew her. Upon Nancy’s passing, the gallery shut its doors after 44 wonderful years. 


Nancy was loved by many and touched many peoples lives through her kindness, her connections with people, and her art.  A bench was purchased at the Denver Botanical Gardens, please honor her memory by sitting on the bench with her name on it.  It is in the far North corner next to the pond with the waterfall.

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